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What’s in Season

Selecting seasonal produce is the best way to ensure you are buying the freshest fruit and vegetables available. Seasonal produce can also have a higher nutritional value than produce that has been stored for long periods.


Warm up this season with a hearty vegetable soup. Pumpkins, leeks and potatoes are all in season. Mushrooms are a great source of protein to combat those winter flu. Click here for winter recipes.


Spring is the time for artichokes, and if you haven’t tried cooking them, they’re not as difficult as you may think. Those with a sweet tooth, cherries are starting to come into season now too. Click here for spring recipes.


Hot summer days and a refreshing slice of watermelon – they are made for each other. And if you prefer something fleshy to bite into, stone fruits like peaches, nectarines and strawberries are all around. Check what else is in harvest this season. Click here for summer recipes.


Summer is over and its starting to cool down Autumn is the time for delicious apples and pears. Click here for autumn recipes.