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One New Eating Habit

Today, pick one new eating habit you will create.

How we eat makes a HUGE difference in how long and how healthily we live.

Dan Buettner has studied centenarians, people who live to over 100, in places around the world called “Blue Zones”, and he says food habits are a large part of their secret:

“Centenarians in the Blue Zones follow daily rituals around food and meals. These rituals help them stay the course for the long run, and practicing them is certainly one of the keys to their longevity and sustained happiness with life.”

What one good new eating habit could you start today?

Get inspired by these practices of long-lived people:

  • Eating a solid breakfast
  • Cooking most meals at home
  • Stop eating when you’re 80% full (called ‘hara hachi bu’ in Japan)
  • Eat at the table, with others
  • Enjoying the occasional treat, guilt-free!

Our eating is the sum of hundreds of habits – start a good one today!

Source: Dan Buettner on “Blue Zones”